Oralive Xtra Strength, Ascended Health - 2 oz
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Oralive Xtra Strength, Ascended Health - 2 oz

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The Extra Strength elixir is full on, undiluted power that has an incredible vibrational energy you can feel. With essential oils, tissue regeneration factors and Amazon herbs, we designed this with the beliefs of helping the body:

- Quell severe gum pain
- Stop gum bleeding
- Inhibit infections deep within the gums
- Regenerate new gum tissue

This regenerative energy elixir contains twice the concentration of oils and botanical extracts as our regular version to add more immediate punch. In addition, we add factors we believe may help regenerate gum tissue and alliviate pain & bleeding - such as elk antler velvet, bala root, iporuru, sangre de grado and kava kava.

You will not find this powerful combination of healing herbs and crystal energies anywhere else in the world. It is truly unique and quite energetically effective.

In addition to the benefits of our regular energetic energy elixir, we believe that this extra strength version has many benefits:

1. Severe Gum Pain
2. Gum Bleeding
3. Gum and Bone Regeneration
4. Overall Body Healing and Regeneration

Because of all the plant botanicals, this paste is a beautiful healthy green and naturally alkaline. Esterified Vitamin C and Calcium (This rebuilds the gums and bone), Xylitol (inhibits bacteria that cause cavities), Horsehoe Nettle (Contains bioavailable silica necessary for gum regrowth), Brahmi Amla/Folic Acid/CoQ (Tissue Regeneration), Blue Green Algae/Pau D'Arca/Aloe Vera/Noni/Peppermint leaf extracts (all for tissue regeneration), Essential Oils of Neroli, Jasmine, Spikenard, Rose Absolute (bulgaria), Rose Otto, Melissa, Arnica, Licorice, Mint, Turmeric, Holy Basil, Ginger (these are aimed at killing the bacteria that cause mouth disease and decreasing gum inflammation), Marine Phytoplankton, anthaxanthin. In a base of natural magnetic mineral earth from the Eastern Sierra Nevadas, Micronesian Volcanos, Wyoming. This earth has tremendous healing properties and has elements of monatomic silver, gold, rhodium, magnesium. It makes the paste rather chalky and soft.

In addition, we have added Iporuru, Kava Kava, Bala Root, Sangre De Grado and ethically harvested Elk Antler Velvet.

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